Situated in the heart of Ireland’s capital city, on East Essex Street in the popular Temple Bar area, Cleaver East offers the finest Irish and European cuisine. The ethos of Cleaver East is to deliver the highest standard of food and cuisine at really affordable prices. Open seven days a week, Cleaver East offers great friendly service, classic cocktails, affordable wines along with Irish and International craft beers; creating a fantastic dining experience. Diners can choose from our delicious A La Carte menu, featuring ‘Beef Cuts @CleaverEast’, with five of the best beef cuts from around the world or alternatively a 6 Course Surprise Tasting Menu, selected by Executive Chef Oliver Dunne, who currently holds a Michelin Star for Bon Appetit in Malahide. 

We welcome Group Reservations as Cleaver East; facilitating private dining in our Cleaver East Suites and semi-private dining in Cleaver East. 










Book A Table!

For parties of 6 or more, please contact our reservations team on 01 531 3500 or at for bookings.

Cleaver East welcomes group bookings, for parties of 9 or more, we have special group menus for you to avail of.


Enjoy a leisurely afternoon, savouring delicious dishes from our fabulous ‘Brunch Menu’, while listening to fantastic tunes from our new resident DJ! You can also sip on our ‘Bottomless Mimosas’ for only €15.00 per person.

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Address: 6-8 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland


Telephone: +353 1 531 3500

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3 Rants, 3 Blogs, 3 Weeks, Part Three

    Be careful what you wish for….. It’s not that I’m not grateful for the brief success I’ve had, I realise I’m one of the lucky ones….I get paid for a job that I love and wouldn’t change it for anything else.  It’s my passion in life and almost every hour of everyday I think about food, my restaurants Cleaver East or Bon Appetit or just planning the next time I eat out. I don’t consider what I do a job it’s most definitely a vocation. I don’t mind spending 15 hours per day, seven days per week in the kitchen and if I wasn’t married with children that’s probably what I’d do. Most people
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3 Rants, 3 blogs, 3 weeks, Part 2. Produce?

    3 Rants, 3 blogs, 3 weeks, Part 2. Produce?   Produce…..   Every year there is more and more chefs/restaurateurs/food writers/bloggers and so on, harping on about produce and the provenance of it.    This is somewhat of a mystery to me. Firstly I don’t believe for one minute that these people flying the home grown produce flag practice what they preach half as much as they claim to. I would love to follow these self-proclaimed Provenance warriors around Tesco and look at the crap they put in there trollies to feed themselves and their families. Of course there are excep
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3 Rants, 3 blogs, 3 weeks, Part 1 Conrad Syndrome….

    3 Rants, 3 blogs, 3 weeks, Part 1 Conrad Syndrome….3 months in and Cleaver East is flying. We have had some ups and downs and went through a fairamount of staff over the last few months but things are starting to settle down nicely but a few things have been on my mind over the last few months and it’s time to vent…… “Conrad Gallagher syndrome”…..This is something I encountered many, many years ago back when took over a restaurant in Ranelagh called Zucchini (I renamed it Mint 4 weeks later). I was fresh off the plane from working abroad and the Irish restaurant scene had change
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“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Aristotle

    What a month it’s been….we are now nearly two months open and with another scatter of very positive reviews in the bag, Cleaver East is flying.    Ultimate Early bird…This week saw the launch of our Early bird menu and like everything else we try to do we wanted it to be the best Early bird offering in Ireland.  As a consumer I am fed up going to restaurants for Early bird menus, to be presented with a menu consisting of the lowest cost ingredients in the land and carelessly cooked.  So when Rory and I sat down to write our Early bird menu decided to go all out and make no compromise
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  After 10 years back in Ireland from working abroad learning my craft in some of the world’s best restaurants, I returned as planned to my home city and have opened and created two of Irelands top restaurants in Mint, Bon Appetit and I’m currently (hopefully) in the process of making the third in Cleaver East. During these years I have always kept myself to myself and have been completely focused on achieving my personal goals plus devoting 1000’s of hours in training and working with the next generation of home grown Irish chefs and it’s something I’m very proud of. Over these years nothing
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  Showtime…… The stage is set and the curtain is about to raise.  The final pre-opening preparations are being checked and the team is all waiting nervously in the wings for show time.  Im not, I’m wound up like Rick Waller waiting to do a bungee.  Any second now Im going to jump and the ground looks pretty hard from where I am right now.  I feel like a gladiator waiting under ground about to enter the arena, waiting for the onslaught and trying to anticipate who is going to fall first so hopefully we can catch them and prepare them for the madness that’s about to
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Why, What, Where and When…….Sorry….

Seen as though opening night is looming let’s start by clearing up a few questions I get asked quite regularly… It’s called Cleaver East because we liked the sound of it. We are open from the 29th July It is not a fine dining restaurant We are not trying to win another Michelin Star It is a tasting plate restaurant we don’t serve Tapas we will be serving complete fully garnished dishes in smaller tasting sizes Rory is resident chef Dish price ranges from €6-€15 We will be opening 7 days per week for lunch and dinner My phone number is 0832016021 I am not single With only seventeen days to open
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Conspiracy Theory…

Conspiracy Theory…They are all out to get me…… it must be one big collective plan the stress me out.  Every supplier, contractor, builder, plumber, fridge man, printer, crockery supplier, uniform manufacture, veg man, butcher, wine supplier, health officer, alarm company and not to mention that sneaky stationary supplier must all be meeting up in some remote location in Dublin mountains at 2am every week, scheming ways to freak me the F*** out.  I got to hand it to them, I don’t know how they do it, but they are absolutely brilliant at it. The last few strands of hair I have are fighting
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Writers Block…??

Writers Block…I mentioned from the outset that I was worried about being a blog virgin and wondered how this blogging process will go.  Now I know……it’s piss easy, so sign me up J.K. Rowling! Week 6 and June has disappeared, with only two weeks to scheduled hand over from the builders and 4 weeks to show time, the nerves are starting to kick in.  Company’s from literally all over the globe have been in touch regarding getting their corporate bookings in as they heard about the takeover and don’t want to miss out on the biggest opening of 2013.  It’s incredibly exciting from our point of
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Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant …   Days feel like minutes and weeks feel like days on this project.  We are 38 days from opening night and things are coming together nicely.  All of the design aspects have been agreed and building works is underway.  The Kitchen has a shiny new blue resin floor and Monday the work commences on white rocking all the walls fitting a new motor in the canopy and putting in a new suspended ceiling.  If that’s all done on time hopefully our new cold room/freezer will be fitted and it will start to look like our new kitchen…..and then we will, let the games begin…. Our menu
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